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If you have serious condition don’t expect that one week or month eating right (and living) cure you totally. Every step you make towards great health is important but if you have created your condition for years of toxic life give it a time and be patient. Nothing compare to feeling great and you will get there. Time is a healer but you just have to help your body… Or at least do not disturb it.


Tabouli or tabbouleh is a traditional Arabic dish which I love in a raw version. It’s perfect for a summer, because it is juicy, refreshing and full of minerals that help us to survive a summer heat. I added some nuts and seeds for more protein contain, which is important for the bodybuilders 🙂

It may be prepared as a side dish or as a main dish. For me it will be the second one 🙂




Preparing Tabouli makes me very excited. Actually being in possesion of this huge bunch of parsley makes me really excited. I don’t know why 🙂 Maybe because my surname is Natkowska and Natka in Polish means Parsley 😉



Did I mention that you will nees a lot of Parsley? 🙂



1. Thin chopped parsley, 3 – 4 cups

2. Tomatoes. I used dates tomatoes, but Kristina Carillo said it is better to use the big one for more juice. 2 – 3 cups of chopped

3. Chives, as much you like, I used 1/3 cup

4. Fresh mint leafs, few

5. Juice of 2 lemons

6. Crushed/ mixed nuts and seeds. I used sunflower seeds and almons, about 1 cup

7. Olive oil (optional)

8. Salt, pepper (optional)

Mix everything together and leave for an half an hour into the frige so tastes and aromas will mix together.




Ok, it is not technically Spring yet, but you can say so 😉

With the warm air breeze and the the sunshine there is a  new energy flow that come to us! Finally!!! Therefore there is no better place to enjoy your morning juice than a meadow ( or your backyard 😉 )


I think I am gonna eat these daises later in my salad 🙂




Lady was helping me with the photo session. She ate also all the remaining pulp from juice making 🙂



My juice helps me also with studying german 🙂

Welcome spring!!!


You  already know that we don’t need so much proteins as everybody is used to think. Anyway if you train weight lifting as me, or any other kind of sport and you care about providing good proteins to your muscles, you are going to like this cookie recipe. Proteins come from the oats, peanut butter (100% of nuts), hemp and pumpkin seeds. This is a great snack if you are on the run, they can replace a meal being highly dense of nutrients. The fact that they are very compact and  suit to a purse or a pocket make them perfect!

I made the cookies in the dehydrator, but you can use also an oven  set at a low temperature or just bake it in high temperature. In the last option the cookies wont be raw, but they are going to be healthy anyway, for sure much better than cookies from a grocery store. Most of the oats are not raw, but if yours are raw and you want to keep all the enzymes I recommend to use a dehydrator 🙂


1. Oats 1,5 cups
2. Oat’s flour (ground oats) about 1 Cup
3. Nut’s butter of choice (peanut, almond or cashew) – 2 table spoons
4. liquid sweetener  about 3 – 4 table spoons or more depends on your taste
5. dry plums 1 handful or more
6. 2 juicy apples
7. Pumpkin seeds (optional)
8. Hemp seeds (optional)
9. Cinnamon  (optional) about 1 tea spoon
10. a pinch of salt
Extra protein – if you want even more proteins, you can replace  half or all the oat flour with a vegan protein powder.
photo (1)yes
1. Mix the nut butter with the sweetener.
2. Add the dry ingredients: oat flour, oats, seeds, cutted plums, salt and grated apples.
3. Mix all the ingredients and leave them still for 10 minutes. Try if you like the taste and check if it is sweet enough for you. Note that apples are going to be  sweeter after dehydration. I prefer my cookies not too much sweet, so I use just  little sweetener.
4. Form some cookies and place them on the tray of the dehydrator (Or the oven).
5.  Set the dehydrator temperature to about  42-46 degrees C (105  – 115 F) and leave the cookies  for 6 to 15 hours, depend on how crispy  you like them. If you don’t have a dehydrator you can set you over at a low temperature. 
If you want to bake them, just put some coconut oil on the paper before placing the cookies, set about 180C and let them sit for about 25 minutes.  I have never checked the baking, so keep them under control.
That’s what I need:) it is also perfect as a breakfast with almond milk 🙂
photo 2yes
photo 1yes

In the world there are plant eaters, carnivores and omnivores. And human?

Human is certainly the most confused of all existing species on Earth, because he does not know what to eat to be healthy. How many people, so many styles of eating and almost as many theories on the subject. The magazines almost every week show new sensational diet, designed to slim us at express pace. Who is right?



Animals in the wild do not have a problem with that. From the beginning they instinctively know what food is their ideal food.
Healthy nutrition  appropriate for the species is crucial not only to maintain proper weight, it is too superficial approach to the subject. The right diet is based on a desire to maintain long-term health and of course slim figure, which is the result of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Let’s consider all the facts logically that define the diet of the whole kingdom of animals, on top of which stands the human.

1. Teeth: molars of carnivores are pointed and sharp. Our teeth are primarily flat and are used for grinding food. Our “canine teeth”  are not true carnivore-like canines. We are not able to bite a piece of raw meat through the skin, and before that, of course, kill an animal by biting its carotid artery. We do not have the jaws filled with sharp teeth such as carnivores.

greatwhite1     Carnivore or plant eater?

lion-teeth     Carnivore or plant eater?

Teeth_by_David_Shankbone     Carnivore or plant eater?

Frightening Teeth and Jaws on a Grizzly Bear    Omnivore

2. Tongue: only true carnivores have a rough tongue; herbivores have a smooth tongue. Therefore, herbivores can sip water by mouth, but can not drink with their tongues, as  carnivorous animals do, using only the tongue to drink.

3. Jaw movement: our ability to grind food is unique to plant eaters. We have the ability for lateral movement of our jaws . Carnivores do not have this ability, it is impossible for them.

4. Saliva: Plant eating animals (including healthy people) have alkaline saliva, adapted for digestion of carbohydrates. Carnivores have acidic pH of saliva.

5. Stomach: carnivores stomach  has a round shape and emits 10 times more hydrochloric acid than the stomach of plant eaters (and ours). The stomach of herbivores is oblong with a complex structure.

6. Liver: plant eater’s liver, including human, is able to eliminate only small amounts of uric acid. In contrast, the liver of carnivores is much more active, capable of removing from the body 10 -15 times more uric acid than the orangutan and human liver. Uric acid is contained in meat and meat-eaters have an enzyme called uricase to  metabolize uric acid. We do not have this enzyme, so we need to neutralize the strong acid with our alkalizing minerals, mainly calcium. The resulting crystals of uric calcium are one of many pathogens in humans who eat the meat, which in this case are exacerbated or contribute to the formation of urinary gout, arthritis, rheumatism and bursitis.

7. Colon:  plant eaters (and human) has a digestive system 12 times longer than the length of  our torsos . This allows the body to slow the absorption of sugars and other substances diluted in water with fruit. In contrast to us, gastrointestinal tract of carnivores is only three times longer than their torso. This is necessary in order to avoid rotting  of flesh inside the animal.

8.Sugar metabolism: glucose and fructose, found in fruits, provides fuel for our cells without overloading our pancreas (unless you eat a lot of fat). Carnivores do not deal well with sugar. They are prone to diabetes, when the staple of their diet is fruit.


9. Digestive enzymes: our digestive enzymes are easily adapted to digest the fruit. We produce ptyalin, also known as salivary amylase to start the process of digestion of fruit. Carnivorous animals do not produce ptyalin and have completely different proportions of digestive enzymes.

10. Fat metabolism: Humans do not handle more that small amounts of fat. Carnivores feel great on a high-fat diet.

11. Tolerance of germs: most carnivores can digest germs and microbes that are deadly to humans, such as those that cause botulism.


12. Hands: we have hands with long fingers. Our opposable thumbs make us well equipped to collect fruit for a meal in a few seconds. The claws of predators allow them to catch prey also in a few seconds. Just like we could not catch and tear the skin a deer with his bare hands, so the lion could not collect apples or bananas.


13. Sleep: people usually are awake 15 hours a day. Carnivores sleep and rest usually 18 to 20, and sometimes more hours in a day.

14. Vision: our sense of sight has a full spectrum of colors, allowing you to distinguish ripe from unripe fruit at a distance. Carnivorous animals usually do not see all the colors.


15. Meal size: fruit is proportional to our nutritional requirements. Fits in your hand. A few pieces of fruit enough to become a meal, leaving nothing to waste. Carnivores eat mostly the whole animal they kill.


16Cleanliness: human is the most sensitive of all the animals in terms of the purity of our food. Carnivores are the least picky eating dirt, bugs and other organic elements with their food.

17. Birth: people usually have one baby at a time. Carnivorous animals have litters.

18Nipples: predators have numerous nipples on their bellies, people have one pair of nipples.

19. Diet pH: carnivorous animals feel great on an acidic diet, while this diet is deadly to humans and it is the beginning of many disease states. For a human the best food is alkalizing.


20. Natural appetite: our mouths water at the sights and smells of a fruit market. These are live products, which are the source of our food. But the smell of the animals usually repels us. Even dismembered, raw meat is not appetizing to us. We do not want to bite off a piece. Even cooked meat without salt, and taste masking spices and condiments for us is not encouraging. Carnivores mouths water when they feel the scent of prey, they react to this smell like the smell of food.

You can perform a simple test indicating a natural instinct:

Take a 2 – year old child, a rabbit and an apple and put them together in a crib. If a child eats the rabbit and starts to play with an apple, then you can be sure that a human is a meat eater  ;)


The last, but perhaps most important:

EMPATHY: We get emotional at the sight of small animals, whether they are puppies, piglets or lamb. Pets are our friends, movie’s characters , we are touched by their love and intelligence. If we live with them, we love them as a family member and  the best friends. We are against the killing and cruelty to animals. Recently the whole world was shocked after the giraffe of  the Copenhagen Zoo was killed. When some animal manages to escape from the transport to the slaughterhouse, everybody roots for him to manage to survive. We turn our head when we see violence against animals, we are not able to look at it.

I want to show you a funny video and how it meaningfully reflects our true nature :) :


Once upon a time there was a Snow Queen. She used to like the cold and ate only raw food, that’s why she was always healthy, beautiful and young …

This is not a fairy tail, because this “Queen” was Alexandra Zajaczek, also known as the Ice Lady. She was born in 1754, married a Polish governor of the Polish Kingdom who was the Napoleonic Army General Joseph Zajaczek. At a very young age she was dancing at the court of the Great Lithuanian Hetman Michał Kazimierz Olgiński, and the age of 15, she was a prima donna in the court ballet. She became famous throughout Europe not only because of her charm, beauty and charisma, but also eternal youth. At the age of 90 people gave her no more than 50 years! At the age of 82 years Balzac gave her the maximum 35.  When she was 70, young man dueled for her, one even lost his life.


Alexandra at her 70.

Has Alexandra inherited amazing genes? Perhaps, however she worked hard all her life to keep her beauty. Most publications about her focus on her passion for the cold temperatures. The first lady of the Polish Kingdom has always slept with the open window, even in winter when frosts spirited. In summer, she asked the maids to fill basins with ice and  placed them under the bed. She also was changing beds  several times during the night to soak in the cool sheets.


In the morning the tortures did not end, as she took a  in bath in the icy water, and then run barefoot in the meadows, or horseback riding, and later was massaging the body with ice and wax.


The cold was her ally and current science – cryotherapy confirms the beneficial effects of cold on the body. Science actually learns what nature has invented a long time ago.


The Ice Lady would have been very happy with such a bed!


Preparing to sleep in the Palace of the Governor 😉

BUT! Some sources tell us also what was her diet. Alexandra was RAW VEGAN! She ate raw vegetables and fruits, and if they were cooked, then  she ate them only when cold.


What a surprise! 😉 Raw living food, such as by Nature made it for us is perfect. It provides a complex of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids (and hundreds of thousands of ingredients that scientists are only beginning to discover) to achieve and maintain a wonderful health.


Animals in the wild do not cook their food, and do not age like humans. They maintain the youth and vigor till the last moments. No gray hair, arthritis, diabetes, or heart attacks. Nature does not want us to get sick, and about 70 trillion ( cells in our body, from birth to Death, working on it, so we can enjoy life at its highest level! If we needed cooked food, we would be born with a stove and pot in our hands.
Each raw fooder confirms that after transition to this style of eating they felt much better, recovered and rejuvenated both mentally and physically.
We all know the contemporary raw foodists examples of which time forgot:


Tonya Zavasta, 54 years old


Anette Larkins,  71 years old



Dr. Brian Clement, about 70 years old


Dr. Robert O. Young, 64 years old

I am very curious how the general’s wife find out her information, because for sure it was not much commonly known in the eighteenth century. Can you imagine being a raw food eater those days? And we think that we are now  the minority! Yes, she was the wife of the governor, lived in the Palace of the Governor, currently Presidential and had  maids and passed her carefree days on horseback and balls in the European salons. She had no bosses, has not been blocked in traffic or paid off the loans. But who would sacrifice like that? Especially that she  could be covered in luxuries, and people certainly looked at her as a freak.

palac namiest

Governor’s Palace, now the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, Poland.

We live in the age of information, especially the Internet allows us to reach virtually every issue; you can spread the information through your friends, books, blogs and videos on youtube through the whole world. Be the change you want to see in the universe,  Gandhi said.
The Ice Queen probably died at the age of 9o. She was buried in the church of the Capuchin in Warsaw in Miodowa Street and you’ll find a plaque commemorating her life.




This is the fifth time that Alexey wins a gold medal for Russia in the bobsleigh!


Besides being a multiple bobsleigh champion, Alexey is also a multiple champion of arm wrestling.


Warm up with a weight of 120 kg /265 lbs

images (1)

Alexey is not only vegan, but also raw food eater. When asked about the protein he answers: “Protein breaks down in the body. Amino acids are one little part of the decay product of  protein. Decay products of protein are always BUN, ammonia, thinol and other toxics. Amino acids depend on the quality of protein. It’s nutrition for harmful microflora (pathogenic bacteria). This  harmful microflora is the cause of decomposition. Read A.M. Ugolev’s work. He discovered microflora (gut flora) and he tried to  separate microflora as individual member of the body. When our microflora is healthy it should weigh 2.5-3.5  kg. Microflora produce amino acids, hormones. It’s a clever biochemical machine that allow us to be healthy and happy.

. “



When asked about his diet and how it works on its regeneration he answered, “Yes, I am a vegan (…) Of course, I do not eat cooked food (…) This diet works very well for my recovery. (….. ) I was on a Kremlyevskay diet ,(low carb, high protein)  consisting of eating large quantities of meat, milk and I drank  many protein cocktails. I experimented with diet very much .. When I ate meat, supplement amino acids, creatine and minerals I did lunge forward barbell with the weight of 220 kg.  I lacked energy. When I stopped eating meat I did it with the weight of 320 kg without amino acids, vitamins, minerals. simply eating vegetables and fruits. easy. I forgot about abdominal pain. ”




Alexey also revealed that his sister got pregnant thanks to raw food.

Congratulations Alexey! I hope that we will have more examples like you! Let’s also hope that more information will be released in English on his diet and reach more and more people. You can watch this interview on youtube: